Announcing the WNC-FA

We are officially announcing the launch of WNC Film Alliance.  Founded by various film professionals in the Western North Carolina area, our hope is to push forward the local film/media industry by providing resources and a central organizational entity for our region.  With the growth of the film industry in other parts of North Carolina and the majority of the Southeast, WNC is slowly falling behind in developing and fostering film production in our region.  WNC-FA hopes that by bridging the connections between producers, filmmakers, actors, crew and other industry professionals, WNC-FA will be central to the expansion and development of future projects, the industries growth locally and a more vibrant and interactive community.

WNC Camera Shoot Out

A Camera Shoot Out for all filmmakers to come a play with the most current gear available -- including the Black Magic 4K Cinema Camera, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, Sony F65, C300 and 35MM film.

This will be a real world, in the trenches approach to a camera shoot out. We will produce cinematic shots under the exact same conditions for each camera with various action and scenarios that can more accurately represent the challenges a camera will be facing.

wnc featured films

  • The Hunger Games
    The Hunger Games
  • Boneyard
  • The Clearing
    The Clearing
  • Magic In The Forest
    Magic In The Forest